Introduction to QLIMS as a platform – laboratory of the future

9. February 2022

In this blog series we will reintroduce our well-known LIMS, QLIMS, and show how it supports our philosophy of laboratory informatics, the concept of LIMS as a platform. Among the benefits it can provide are:

  • Reduction of manual errors and reduction of examination effort by 90
  • Improvement of data integrity
  • Reduce QC lab turnaround time by 60-70%.
  • Improve brand trust
  • Transform the lab from a cost center to a strategic partner!

For those who haven’t read our recent White Paper Building the QA Lab of the Future, we talked about the tools you need today to be ready tomorrow. The key word here is tools, because while we’re firmly entrenched in the lab, that doesn’t mean we lose sight of the overall enterprise with a cohesive strategy.

What is QLIMS as a platform?

The goal is to ensure that your LIMS can not only meet your needs today, but also the needs of the future that you do not yet know.

By definition, an application is designed to help a user perform specific tasks. A platform is an architecture and a software framework that allows many applications to run and connect.

We start on the platform, of course, with LIMS, QLIMS, because that’s our history and we’ve had a lot of success with that. Then we provide additional services and applications that run alongside QLIMS to help your lab run as efficiently as possible, so you can do less administrative work and more science.

Here’s an example:


From sample registration to reporting, quality management, project management, resource planning, device and system automation, workflow and specification management, notifications, data import, business intelligence reporting, and lab execution, the QLIMS platform is infinitely scalable.

How do we do it

QLIMS is completely API-based. API is an acronym for application programming interface. Just as you have a fully functional and easy-to-use interface for lab users, an API is a set of toolkits that exist for those with software development experience to allow applications to communicate with each other.

OnQ Software bietet vollständig dokumentierte APIs für Ihr internes IT-Team und/oder den Systemintegrator Ihrer Wahl. Alternatively, we can connect you with trained partners who can help you through our Certified Developers Program

What is currently available on the QLIMS Platform?

Below are some of the third-party applications available on the QLIMS platform that are designed to make life easier for scientists and support the enterprise:

  • QCKen – a rapid data migration tool from ZIFO for importing LIMS data from legacy systems, spreadsheets, handwritten notes and other databases.
  • Water Outlook – a cloud-based repository for all operational and compliance data, providing early warning, data storage, security and risk mitigation.
  • Remote Sampler – a robust mobile data collection solution designed specifically for use in the water and environmental sectors. Developed by CSols.
  • Links for LIMS – a complete bi-directional, multi-vendor instrument integration package from CSols.
  • BaseSpace Clarity LIMS – genomic workflow management tool from Illumina that includes DNA sequencer integration.
  • Bartender – dynamic label creation tool from Seagull Scientific that includes drivers for laboratory printers.
  • RippleDown – clinical decision support solution from BeamTree.

Device integration, scheduling, data import mapping, bulk reporting, repository management are a few examples of the many services developed by OnQ and embedded in QLIMS.


This is the future of technology and it is time for labs to be brought up to this level.
Start with one of the SaaS packages from QLIMS, to be up and running in weeks, not years, and always have the latest version. From here, you can scale as needed.

Other vendors interested in offering their application on our platform can contact us via our website contact.


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