The web-based laboratory software for sperm banks


The web-based laboratory software for sperm banks

BioARCHIVE cryo | Sperm Bank

        The laboratory software for the entire process from donation submission to donation receipt


“BioARCHIVE CRYO” is a web-based laboratory software for doctors who perform treatments with sperm and/or run sperm banks. The software is designed to digitally support the entire process from donation to receipt of the donation.

Test BioARCHIVE Cryo without registration. The access data is available on the login page.

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General properties


Data entry

  • Selbst konfigurierbare Eingabemasken
  • Easy integration of routine data
  • Export function: Excel, Word, PDF, XML, CSV
  • Data export based on filters
  • Import functions: XML, CSV
  • Easily duplicate records
  • Standard catalogues (e.g.: ICD-10, red list, OPS) and the possibility to define own catalogues
  • Data filters and tags


  • Can be integrated into any infrastructure as it is web-based
  • Can be used regardless of location
  • Mobile use via tablet + Bluetooth scanner

Team work

  • Multi-client capable
  • Calendar and document management
  • Share samples with other centres
  • Share studies and projects with other centres
  • Funktionen zur Reservierung von Proben
  • Functions for access by guests
  • Internal communication system (optional)


  • Compliant DSGVO
  • Compliant EU GMP Annex 11
  • Compliant FDA 21 Part 11

Device connection/connectivity

  • Control of handheld scanners and mass scanners
  • Barcode printer control
  • HL7 data interfaces

Data security

  • User roles and access rights
  • Individual input masks depending on the user
  • Audit trail (traceability of all activities)
  • Pseudonymisation service (PSD), the PSD encrypts sensitive data in compliance with ISO standard 25237 and the data protection concept of the TMF – Technologie- und Methodenplattform für die vernetzte medizinische Forschung e.V. (Technology and Methods Platform for Networked Medical Research).
  • Encrypted data transmission via SSl certificate
  • Separation of data areas on 4 databases
  • Timestamp per record


  • Manuals
  • Videos
  • FAQ database
  • Direct help in the software
  • Access to the customer portal
  • News function within the software
  • Upgradeable at any time
  • Professional service during set-up
  • Fast and reliable support
  • Advice on the setup of the system

Licensing model

  • Use in the cloud (rental)
  • Installation at the customer’s premises (rental or purchase)

Special features



  • Documentation of donor and recipient information
  • Documentation of medical history, clinical data, shipping information, treatment and outcome, personal information of donor and recipient, reservations, etc.
  • Linking donor and recipient
  • Documentation of details of pregnancies and births
  • Reservation functions
  • Document management
  • Integration of the 40-digit Single European Code (SEC) for tissues and cells


  • Clear visualisation of spermiograms and payouts in crosstabs
  • View, search and expand Straw reservations
  • Donor list with donor properties (filterable)
  • Batch documentation
  • Dispensing (samples) of the donors in several cycles, clearly arranged in a traffic light system
  • Spermiogram to document the results of the preparation of a donation from the donor


  • Master data
  • Shipping
  • Treatments + Outcome
  • Partner
  • Documents


  • Documentation of payments to donors

Material database

  • Graphical overview of refrigerators and samples
  • Illustration of a wide variety of sample containers
  • Reports on the filling level of the warehouse
  • Reservation management function
  • Illustration of various sample containers, for example: Rods, straws, ampoules, ampoule holders, canisters, freezing containers, cryotubes
  • Depot, einlagern, auslagern, umlagern von Spenden

Reports (selection)

  • Recipients with children in year X
  • Recipients with reservation in year X
  • Recipients without ID
  • Recipients without a birth certificate
  • Recipients Transport
  • Number of samples taken in the year X
  • Number of samples discarded directly after collection in year X

Query Builder

  • Possibility to query all database fields (combined)
  • Graphical representation of the queries
  • All queries can be saved
  • Export function: Excel, Word, PDF, XML, CSV

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News function within the software


Direct help in the software

Access to the customer portal


Ready to be upgraded

Professional service during set-up

Fast and reliable support


Setup advice
of the system


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