• Description

BioARCHIVE CRYO is a web-based software for doctors who perform treatments with sperm and/or run sperm banks. The software is designed to digitally support the entire process from donation to receipt of the donation.

  • General features

Data input
  • Self-configurable input masks
  • Simple integration of routine data
  • Export function: Excel, Word, PDF, XML, CSV
  • Data export based on filter
  • Import functions: XML, CSV
  • Simple duplicating of records
  • Standard catalogs (e.g. ICD-10, red list, OPS) and the possibility to define your own catalogs".
  • Data filters and tags
  • Can be integrated into any infrastructure because it's web-based
  • Can be used regardless of location
  • Mobile use via tablet + Bluetooth scanner
  • Multi-client capable
  • Calendar and Document Management
  • Share samples with other centers
  • Share studies and projects with other centers
  • Sample reservation functions
  • Guest access features
  • Internal communication system (optional)
  • Compliant with DSGVO
  • Compliant with EU GMP Annex 11
  • Compliant with FDA 21 Part 11
Device Connectivity
  • Control of hand scanners and mass scanners
  • Control of bar code printers
  • HL7 data interfaces
Data security
  • User Roles and Privileges
  • Individual input masks depending on the user
  • Audit Trail
  • Pseudonymization Service (PSD), the PSD encrypts sensitive data in accordance with ISO Standard 25237 and the data protection concept of TMF - Technology and Method Platform for Networked Medical Research".
  • Encrypted data transmission via SSl certificate
  • Separation of data areas on 4 databases
  • Time stamp per record
  • Manuals
  • Videos
  • FAQ Database
  • Direct Help in the Software
  • Access to the customer portal
  • News function within the software
  • Can be upgraded at any time
  • Professional service at the furnishing
  • Fast and reliable support
  • Advice on system setup
License models
  • Use in the cloud (rent)
  • Installation at the customer's (rent or purchase)
  • Specific features

  • Documentation of donor and recipient information
  • Documentation of anamnesis, clinical data, shipping information, treatment and outcome, donor and recipient personal information, reservations, etc".
  • Linking donor and recipient
  • Documentation of Details on Pregnancies and Births
  • Reservation functions
  • Document Management
  • Integration of the 40-digit Single European Code (SEC) for tissues and cells
  • Clear visualization of spermiograms and payouts in cross tables
  • View, search, and extend Straw reservations
  • Donor list with donor properties (filterable)
  • Documentation of batches
  • Donations (samples) of the donors in several cycles, clearly arranged in a traffic light system
  • Spermiogram to document the results of the processing of a donor donation
  • Master data
  • Shipping
  • Treatments + Outcome
  • Partner
  • Documents
  • Documentation of payments to donors
Material database
  • Graphical overview of refrigerators and samples
  • Illustration of a wide variety of sample containers
  • Reports on the level in the warehouse
  • Reservation management function
  • Illustration of a wide variety of sample containers, for example: straws, ampoules, ampoule holders, canisters, freezing containers, cryotubes
  • Depot, store, retrieve, relocate donations
Reports (Selection)
  • Recipients with children in year x
  • Recipients with reservation in year X
  • Recipients without ID
  • Recipients without birth certificates
  • Recipients Transport
  • Number of samples taken in year X
  • Number of discarded samples immediately after sampling in year X
Query Builder
  • Possibility to query all database fields (combined)
  • Graphical representation of the queries
  • All queries can be saved
  • Export function: Excel, Word, PDF, XML, CSV