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BioARCHIVE Cryo designed for clinics and labs in the field of reproduction medicine

BioARCHIVE cryo: software to easily manage biological samples and clinical data in reproduction medicine.

  • Efficient management of biological samples
  • Documentation of "batches"
  • Simple integration of routine data
  • Dispensing (samples) of donors in several "cycles", clearly arranged in a "traffic light system"
  • Search functions including overview reports
  • Sperm diagram to document the results of the preparation of a donor's donation
  • Import/Export functions
  • DIMDI interface
  • Integration of the 40-digit "Single European Code (SEC) for tissues and cells"
  • User roles and access rights
  • Calendar and document management
  • Control of scanners barcode printing
  • Special documentation options:
  • Linking of donor and recipient, donor documentation, documentation of details on pregnancies and births (e. g. birth certificate available yes/no), additional tab for reservations
  • Can be integrated into any infrastructure as web-based professional furnishing service
  • Fast and reliable support

  • Optional: interface to productive systems. The establishment of interfaces enables direct transfer of Data from other information systems (for example via HL7, LDT, BDT).
  • Optional: pseudonymizing service - it encrypts sensitive data in multicentral projects compliant to ISO standard 25237 and to the concept of Telematic Platform for Medical Research Networks (TMF eV, Germany.).
  • Optional: individual import from old data
  • Optional: adjustment to special requirements



Read the product description of BioARCHIVE cryo.



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