Repository management, sample planning, batch management, audit trails and much more.


Supports laboratories effectively and efficiently

QLIMS | Database

Supports laboratories effectively and efficiently


The laboratory information management system “QLIMS” offers an impressive range of functions that supports laboratories from all industries effectively and efficiently.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance (ISO17025) | Sample Tracking | Customer & Project Management | Analytical & Regulatory Reporting | Business Intelligence | Customer Portal | Sample Storage & Bottle Manager | Rounding Rules | Site Manager | Automatic scheduling | Available as Cloud SaaS and On-Premise | Laboratory Information Management System


  • Capture all contacts and attachments and manage each customer’s specific reporting needs (internal or external).
  • The full chain of custody (CoC) customer portal allows customers to submit their own samples and have the results and reports provided by the laboratory.
  • Templates for projects, orders and samples record customer and sample information, thus ensuring the complete product chain.


  • Extensive sampling and sub-sampling scheduling capabilities, including on-site sampling, ensure end-to-end traceability and management of field sample information.
  • The preparation of the analytical batches and the associated sample types and methods are linked to sample, customer, site and project data, among other things.
  • Rounding rules can be configured per result to meet customer or regulatory requirements.
  • Adding attachments to samples, batches or projects and creating industry and customer-specific reports makes it easier to comply with the applicable regulations.
  • Powerful calculation engine reduces the risk of human error (processes both numeric and text results).
  • Automatic sample planning with configurable method and detection limit.


QLIMS Business Intelligence is powered by Qlik, a leading provider of BI solutions. Using the Qlik Sense platform enables a real step towards data-driven processes and breaking down data silos:

    • Preconfigured interactive visualizations to highlight key laboratory metrics (batch, sample and test turnaround times, customer labor analysis, cost analysis, site sample analysis, cost per sample, error rates, etc.).
    • Possibility to connect other systems (e.g. financial/ERP systems) and joint data aggregation.
    • Creation of your own visualizations to adapt the information to your own laboratory.
    • Quickly view information for operational or management reports.

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