16. March 2023

We have implemented a new helpful function in our software. This way, complex relationships between samples from a lineage are displayed in a graph in a very clear and descriptive way. In our video we show how to create a family tree of samples.

For example, if you work with cell lines, you manage samples in the lab from which mother-daughter relationships arise at multiple levels. The normal documentation in the biobank often becomes confusing very quickly.
If you want to visualize the amount of samples and their dependency on each other, our tree diagram is very well suited for this purpose.

The “BioARCHIVE” biobank offers the right tool for this.

If you would like more information, please contact us.


New update available (July 2023)

A new update (version 23/07) is now available. The update contains the following functional and technical and improvements: A history of stock movements is...